Maidenstone Inc. is a unique family owned and managed design and installation company serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995.

As owners and managers of their own company, Geof and Jana King have established years of relationships with local architects and builders.

They have developed a close network of highly skilled artisans and craftspeople resulting in exceptional service to their clients.

This approach has allowed Maidenstone to achieve an ideal rarely seen in the construction industry of fast track production methods.

Geof and Jana King bring varied disciplines

to their company.

   While living in Australia from 1982-1992, Jana King worked within the hospitality design industry as a concept designer for hotels, resorts and restaurants.

As an architectural and builder’s representative, Geof King has

extensive knowledge and experience in many building trades.

     While traveling for 15 months around the world, they observed and photographed countless structures from South America to

Europe and Central Asia.

  1. Bulletvalue engineering of products and installation during early phase of projects

  2. Bullet  design and development of trims and ornament

  3. Bullet  shop drawings for fabrication of design elements

  4. Bullet coordination with local suppliers, mold makers, carvers

  5. Bullet installation of finishes, trim and ornament